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We help you not only with building your brand but also with trimming the fat. In addition to graphic design, we also provide brand design services for businesses, giving them a fresh identity that looks, feels, and functions well. Our services are focused on achieving results.

Brimming with the urge to fulfil his dreams, Manoj Kumar is a passionate and enthusiastic graphic designer, settled in the heart of India, New Delhi. Having worked in the industry for over 8 years, Kumar is extremely passionate about realising his love for the field. He has worked with 50+ clients across the spectrum and poured his creativity into electrifying and inspiring campaigns.

From sketching to painting, our founder shares a unique love for creativity, with a former artist and person who inspires him most - his father. Having faced various challenges in the early years of his career and in-between job offers from premier companies, Manoj felt that there is a critical gap in the creative ecosystem of our country - a void that he can fill with his passion. Determined to revolutionise the digital realm that supports many up and coming businesses, he wanted to establish an agency that understood clients in an innate manner.

With an aim to assist, educate, and facilitate the growth of startups with creative innovation and empathy, he founded India wala Designer in 2020. He aims to help startups that want to make a greater impact by providing them with effectively creative solutions at reasonable and value for money costs.

Since the inception of India wala Designer, the ever-evolving Manoj has never looked back – actualizing his dreams, fulfilling destinies, and creating art infused with exceptional ideas. He wants to create an empowered and individualistic ecosystem through the unmatchable power of digital marketing. His work and vision is driven to add value to people’s businesses and make a real difference in their lives!

Manoj Kumar
Founder | India Wala Designer

Our founder, Manoj Kumar is a graphic designer from New Delhi who is young, enthusiastic, and passionate. He has 8+ years of experience and has worked with more than 100 clients.

He has always had a strong interest in sketching, painting, and anything creative! His father is an excellent artist, and he draws inspiration from him. He faced many difficulties in the early stages of learning graphics, but he was always determined to solve every problem he encountered with a smile and hard work. His passion led him to found इंडिया #1 Graphic designer company. His team and he both enjoy working on graphics. Creating a profession out of what we love to do, in his opinion, is the best thing we can do when we enjoy what we do.

He founded India wala Designer in 2020 after observing the problems faced by upcoming startups who wanted to go digital but were unable to do so due to high prices and a lack of guaranteed results. He aims to provide these start-up companies by producing creative graphic designs and branding while keeping the cost of his services reasonable and affordable.

He takes great pride in being the family's youngest entrepreneur. He had always wanted to help young startups by empowering them through the power of digital marketing. He is the first to think of adding value to their business to make a difference in people's lives!

Our Purpose

“Our purpose is to enrich the digital identity and footprint of small businesses by offering them the best services at the most effective prices.”

We’ve set forth on a journey to transform the visual identity of small businesses, with an aim to help them match up to that of bigger, more established brands. We identified with the challenges that young startups face to put themselves on the map and the struggle they go through owing to high costs with lesser than none chances of success.

Hum sun rahen hain!

हम आपकी जरूरतों की परवाह करते है|

With the funds we have, we want to assist you in achieving your objectives. How to best serve your business is the main thing we consider and strive to do, so we try to offer you the most inventive and creative design solutions while also offering the most reasonable and best services. We specialize in developing distinctive brand designs and stunning, unconventional graphics! We value giving our clients excellent service and building enduring relationships with them. We always love to go above and beyond for our clients in order to provide service that exceeds their expectations. Hum aapki seva mein hamesha haazir hain! Hum le aaye hain aapke liye budget-friendly and talented graphic designer!

Ab jaldi se meeting schedule kariye aur aa jaiye Chai Samosa khane!

Why select us

Here, innovation and creativity converge, consistency fuels desired outcomes, and working together with you makes us unstoppable comrades.


Dedicated Crews

We are a group of committed individuals who work nonstop on any project given to us by our commanders.

We believe in shaking the world in a creative way!


Acknowledging You/Clients

We are firm believers in providing detailed project updates to our commanders on a regular basis.

The clear it gets,the better it works!


100% of planning = Success

“Plan is nothing; planning is everything.” And that is all. Regardless of what challenges we face, we are always prepared to overcome them using a direct strategy that has been especially "tailored" for you to achieve the desired result.


Safar khubsurat hai manzil se bhi..

But wait- here we will make both of them beautiful for you, with all our potential. The outcome will draw the world's most beautiful curve - that will be on your face, surely your smile!😁

All we want is for you to be happy and cooperative!

Indiawaladesigner is more than just a name; it's a feeling, a trend, a creative wave, and it's renowned for producing certain, definite results that are trusted by more than 50 clients.

Do you want to learn more? Why are we India's most adored designers? Be an explorer then! Give us a missed call, connect, and take part in the adventure your soul longs for, the food your heart longs for, and the work that speaks for itself!

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